The Eufloria Difference

Regardless of whether it’s your first-time in a dispensary or you’re an educated cannabis consumer, our consultants are ready to help! We pride ourselves on advising each individual based on their experience level & needs.

Personal Cannabis Consultants

Live your Eufloria

Eufloria’s Cannabis Consultants are trained to listen to our clients, identify particular ailments or experiences, and offer medicinal-focused recommendations to help treat a broad range of needs even in our recreational locations.

We believe that a satisfied client starts with an educated one and our goal is to treat people above and beyond selling products.

It’s reflected in our slogan: Live your Eufloria.

If you have an ailment or are simply looking to personalize your experience, we’re here to help!

  • NSupports Relaxation
  • NHelps Insomnia
  • NImproves Mood
  • NImproves Appetite
  • NRelieves Pain
  • NReduces Headaches

Medical Marijuana Cards

Eufloria has a network of doctors that provide medical marijuana consulting including referrals to cards for qualified patients. Schedule online, meet with a licensed professional and get assistance with your filing.