Eufloria Dispensary 11th St Tulsa

Open 24/7 Including Holidays!

Located on historical Route 66 on 11th st in Tulsa Oklahoma conveniently off of Highway 44, this location is a full service medical dispensary offering CBD, THC cannabis products plus a broad range of accessories and virtual doctor consultations.

About Our Dispensary

Tulsa’s 1st 24 Hour Dispensary!

Featured multiple times on the news, our Route 66 location is a special one for Eufloria! It’s not only our flagship Tulsa store, but it is the first 24 hour dispensary to open in Tulsa!

Our customers at this 11th st. store can expect a spacious and inviting environment with both THC and non-THC shopping areas, which means ANYONE can come in without a medical card!

Locally owned by veterans Eric, Tim, and Dave; the goal of our Eufloria dispensary is to provide you with an exceptional experience and make sure that you, our client, are always put first!

  • P11730 E 11th St, Tulsa, OK 74128
  • PCBD | Medical Dispensary | Consultations
  • POpen: 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week

Eufloria Specials 

20% off of the 1st visit for any single item.

10% off of the 2nd.

We want to ensure your first visit is an exceptional experience! That’s why we are doing 20% off of the first visit for any single item and 10% off of the second.

A Quarter for a Quarter

Every time you refer 5 new customers, you’ll receive a discount of your choice: Any quarter ounce of Flower for $25 OR 25% off any single item in our store!

10% Off


At Eufloria, we celebrate our veterans by offering them a 10% discount, every single day!

Local Specials 


• Chronic – Chocolate buds – 15 percent off
• Chef Joey 60mg Granola 3 for 20 dollars
• Red bud 100mg Gummies – 15 percent off
• Eden Rose Cereal Puffs – 15 percent off
• Zen Peanut Butter Cookie 17 dollars OTD
• Gifted Extracts Gummies 100mg for 5 dollars
• 6 Dollar or 4 for 20 Country Cannabis Soda Mix and Match Pack
• Flav Edibles 15 percent off


• Marivana Hash Rosin 2 for 80$
• House Concetrates, C4, High Class Honey, Solos Cured, Slow Burn Cured line all 5 for 55$ OTD
• C4 Carts, Holistic Heights Carts, Cheap and Strong Carts 5 for 55!
• Slow Burn Live, Boro Family Farms Live, Fruit Of Life, Marivana Live, Solos Live 5 for 80 dollars
• Eden Rose Baller 5g Baller Jars, C4 5g Baller Jars, Eufloria Strain Specific 5g Baller Jar 40$ OTD


• 90 Dollar Ounces
• 40 Dollar Ounces of Shake
• 5 Dollar Eighth of Shake
• 4 for 20 Pre Rolls
• 5 for 20 Pre Rolls
• Buy any Slow Burn Product get a penny pre roll
• Advertise that Eufloria has the lowest prices on Packarillos and Ruby Maes

What our customers are saying!

This is one of the only dispensaries that have BOTH, a huge selection of THC AND CBD


Today was my first time here and was helped by Taren. She was wonderful and very knowledgeable on the strains they had in stock. I love Terpenes and asked what her terpiest flower was and she said Skywalker. It definitely did what it was supposed to and was very terpy on top of that. Thank you Taren, you made my visit most enjoyable.


My all time favorite dispensary! Good people and good atmosphere . Nothing to fancy or to huge. I don’t feel over whelmed when I walk inside and every single person has been so nice and helpful