Eufloria Dispensary Jenks, Oklahoma

Eufloria’s latest dispensary, on Main Street in Jenks, is a full service dispensary offering the finest THC and CBD products in Oklahoma. We are built alongside the new coffee shop. The Coffee Grinder that is Jenks first cannabis café, where you can enjoy some of the best coffee and your cannabis products right on the patio.

About Our Dispensary

Eufloria is proud to announce our newest store located in Jenks on Main Street. The dispensary is our latest iteration of our pursuit to provide the greatest products and experience that Oklahoma has to offer. Our knowledgeable and highly trained staff will provide unparalleled service to the most discriminate of cannabis connoisseurs as well as welcoming new license holders to this exciting process. We have one of the widest selections of edibles, flowers, and concentrates as well as offering a full line of accessories and CBD products.
Our dispensary is located alongside the best/funkiest coffee shop in Tulsa County, The Coffee Grinder. The coffee shop not only has some of the finest coffee available, they also have a regular lineup of live music. When you couple that with our cannabis café style patio, where you can consume our THC products, coffee, and delicious food around other like-minded people, you have an experience that cannot be found at any other basic dispensary.
If you don’t have time to experience Tulsa counties freshest new hang out, feel free to order online and pick up your products at your leisure. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you.
  • P704 E Main Pl, Jenks, OK 74037
  • PCBD | Medical Dispensary | Consultations
  • POpen: 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week

Eufloria Specials 

20% off of the 1st visit for any single item.

10% off of the 2nd.

We want to ensure your first visit is an exceptional experience! That’s why we are doing 20% off of the first visit for any single item and 10% off of the second.

A Quarter for a Quarter

Every time you refer 5 new customers, you’ll receive a discount of your choice: Any quarter ounce of Flower for $25 OR 25% off any single item in our store!

10% Off


At Eufloria, we celebrate our veterans by offering them a 10% discount, every single day!

Local Specials 

4 Pre-Rolls $20

4 Keif Infused Pre-Rolls $20

3 Grams of Concentrate

3 grams of House Concentrate for only $35!
Valid from October 29th, 2021
to January 1st, 2022

Keef Drinks Lowest price
in Tulsa County

Keef Drinks Lowest price in Tulsa County Come
Get them while supplies last.

Daily Deals 



15% off all Edibles



Buy one 1/8 of $12/g flower or above,
get an 1/8* for a penny.



$50 Grab Bag,
1/8 Flower, Keif Infused Pre-Roll,
100mg Gummies,
1 Sol Cartridge
or 1g House Concentrate


15% off all Drinks
by ZEN, Oh Hi Seltzer,
and Keef Cola.


All Grogenex
$12/g Flower for $8/g


3g of House concentrates for $40


Enjoy 5 Pre-Rolls for only $20. Don’t forget
to take one out
the Patio next door
and enjoy it in the sunshine!

What our customers are saying!

These FLAV belt strips are delicious & work fast. If you want some yummy gummy strips, these are it! Scott was very nice & helpful @ 1:30am 🤣 Love that they are open 24/7. They have some really great deals too!


By far the best dispensary in Oklahoma… The staff is wonderful, knowledgeable, and very friendly. they’re open 24 hours a day and their products are always on point… They have the best daily deals and also offer reward points!! I always tell people to come here.


Went by this morning and Dylan was awesome he recommended an awesome strain of medical flower and he hit the nail on the head thanks for ur assistance my friend 👍👍👍